Legal services for e-commerce and startup companies

Lawyer for E-COMMERCE

Whether you run a small online store or plan to expand into other European markets, appropriate regulations and policies form the basis of your operation. We make sure that the relationship with your target customers has a solid legal basis.

We tailor our services to the situation: in addition to tailored regulations for the online store and privacy policy, we also propose the formulation of rules for complaint procedure, approvals and statements required to contact the client and send newsletters, we advise on cookies and website content, register trademarks.

Lawyer for START-UP company

Every entrepreneur, and even more so a start-up needs a good lawyer. We take care of your interests in four key areas: internal relations, relations with investors, business activity and product.

We facilitate choices, advise on solutions, and help you make the decision to start a business. We protect unique ideas, secure intellectual rights, regulate secrets and trademarks so that the company passes the most thorough due diligence.

We check the product for compliance with regulations on data protection, competition and consumer protection, industry law - including financial or artificial intelligence law.

We know that at the beginning of their journey, entrepreneurs want to make the most of financial opportunities. Contact us to learn more about flexible solutions and our service packages for start-ups.

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